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Players Within-Production Notes

  • Players Within©

    The awakening

    Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot



    Written By

    Damien Demetri Blackwell

    A UniqueThis Cinema Production



    Production Notes

    TV Series Premise:

    (A supernatural themed drama) There is a whole other world beyond the veil that actively interacts in people’s lives for the good or bad. It’s a constant battle between angels, demons, spirits, aliens, and other beings for the welfare or destruction of human souls.


    Things become very chaotic in the spirit world when a fallen angel impregnates a human woman. The main characters come to a realization that there are male angles, demons, and aliens that go around impregnating woman for the purpose of earthly dominance. Also, spiritual forces possess humans to do their bidding. It’s a world where some humans are puppets to spiritual forces. A world where some people are hybrids. A world where elves, dwarfs, aliens, vampires, werewolves, wizards, witches, demons and angels seek to destroy each other. The show centralizes on four college students that realize that they each are a hybrid of some sort. Each episode is about cause and effect. How the choices we make can lead to good or bad consequences. And how beings behind the scenes influence our decisions.



    (54 pages) (4 acts @ 13.5 pages each) (42-minute episodes) (Season 1 has 25 Episodes)


    Episode 1 Premise:

    Ephraim Yates, the pastor at Holy Cross Christian Church is not exactly who he seems to be. He’s a human/demon hybrid that receives instructions from the “other side” by demonic influences. His Sunday preaching’s are sweet, but his manipulations, cunning, and deceit are sour.

    ACT 1 (13.5 pages):

    Catalyst: Troy accidently finds the pastor talking to “someone” not there. He decides to get him help for what he thinks to be schizophrenia.


    ACT 2 (13.5 pages):

    Big Event: Troy gets shot by Pastor Yates, and dumped into the river. His spirit goes into the spirit world where a male Angel finds him and takes him back to his body underwater. He becomes shocked and runs away from the scene.


    ACT 3 (13.5 pages):

    Pinch: While still in the spirit world Troy, comes in contact with various entities, finds a spirit portal called the eye of the vortex. Learns about spirit technology. And learns that his father is an angel that impregnated his mother.


    Crisis: Grey aliens have abducted Troy’s uninhabited body. They want to use his body for breeding alien/human hybrids.


    ACT 4 (13.5 pages):

    Show Down: Reunites his body and spirit. Onboard the UFO, he frees beings from other planets that were being used for experimentation. Together they take control of the UFO and travel to planet Zee, home of a planet inhabited by human-like beings.


    Realization: Today was my awakening.




    Central Characters:

    Troy Sparks-Lead (Angel/Human Hybrid)

    Isaiah (Alien/Human Hybrid)

    Priscilla (Demon/Human Hybrid)

    Sapphire (Human)


    Supporting Roles:



    Estella Sparks (Ivan’s Mom)

    Apollo Knight (Demon/Human Hybrid)

    Ephraim Yates (Pastor and Demon/Human Hybrid)