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Screenplay: Players Within: Season 1 Episode 1

  • Players Within©

    The awakening

    Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot



    Written By

    Damien Demetri Blackwell 

    A UniqueThis Cinema Production










    An unseen world beyond the veil actively interacts in people’s lives for the good or bad. It’s a constant battle between angels, demons, spirits, aliens, and other beings for the welfare or destruction of human souls. Each episode is about the cause and effect of these beings interacting in our lives without us knowing.



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    ACT 1

    FADE IN:





    INT. Fancy Hotel – Day


    A man dressed in a black suit approaches the receptionist desk. There is classical music playing throughout the hotel. Everyone is formal and upper class. 


                          LIMO DRIVER

    I’m the limo driver for one of your guests. Gary      Fisher. He forgot his briefcase in the back seat.  


    He pulls it up, slowly placing it on the counter.



              He must be an important man.


                    LIMO DRIVER 

             Not for much longer. (Whispers) His wife is going to explode with anger when she finds out...


    He smiles, puts a sucker in his mouth, and turns around and walks away through the revolving doors, while the receptionist returns a confused facial expression. 


    Fade IN:


    INT. Hotel Hallway – Day


    A bag boy walks down a long hotel hallway with the briefcase in hand. Finally finding the right door, he begins to knock. A man opens the door. 



            Yes, what is it?


                      Bag Boy

    I apologize for disturbing you, but somebody left this briefcase for you at the front desk.



    (Smiling) It’s probably my birthday present…I        

    already have my briefcase. There’s probably a nice kinky surprise inside (He Winks).


    Gary pulls out a 20-dollar bill from his pocket and hands 






    it to the boy, and almost rudely shuts the door in his face before he could say thank you.


    INT. Hotel Room – Day


    Gary sets the briefcase on the desk (thinking it’s a gift from his wife), walks to the balcony outside and catches eyes with his wife by the pool. They smile seductively at each other. He walks back to the briefcase and opens it. It’s not what he expects. A built in computer monitor turns on and the limo driver begins to speak. 


                          Limo Driver

        For a millionaire you are a lousy tipper. (sucker in mouth)



        (angry) I told you to never contact me again.


    INT. LIMO – Day


    The limo driver is in the front seat with his laptop and headset attached to his ear. He’s typing and periodically watching Gary’s wife as she leaves the pool. The radio is on, two radio hosts ironically joking about their wives. 


    INT. Hotel Room – Day


    The door opens, his wife walks in, still wet from the pool. Gary quickly shuts the briefcase lid, as she jumps on him, knocking him to the floor. He’s not in the mood and she can sense something is wrong with him. 



        (mockingly) Fine lets unpack…


    She stands up from the floor disappointingly and opens the new briefcase. Then an explosion goes off leaving a devastating hole in that part of the hotel. 


    EXT. Hotel – DAY


    (Zoom out of the blasted hole and slow motion on different elements from the blast) The blast from the explosion knocks off a three-room hole and there is enough debris to 






    cover the pool. Some witnesses run in distraught expectation while others are immobile with disbelief. 



    EXT. Limo – Day 


    The Limo is parked in view of the destruction and the scrambling people. 



    INT. Limo – Day


    The radio is on in the background and the hosts talk about the Miami weather “It’s a scorcher today,” says the radio host. The limo driver turns the radio off.


             Limo Driver

        It’s done. (With sucker in mouth)


            Creepy invisible voice whispers back



    He turns the radio back on and it starts playing music that plays while the show’s intro and credits roll. 



    FADE IN:


    INT. Coffee Shop Bar - Day


    The news is on tv in the background showing what the reporter expects to be a terrorist attack on the Denver hotel.


            Troy Sparks

        This biology class will be the death of me.



        It’s as if professor Jones wants his entire class to fail.


            Troy Sparks

        I think it’s worse. I think he’s working for the mafia. Or possessed by Hitler and a retarded monkey at the 





    Sapphire rolls her eyes in response to the sarcasm. 



        What’s this on the news? Terrorist?




            Troy Sparks

        (Looking at the screen) I think I know that guy. I’ve seen him walk on campus handing out anti-government flyers. He told me what time it was once.



        (Looking at the screen) Which one?


            Troy Sparks 

        The guy in the background inside the limo with a sucker in his mouth. I didn’t know he was a limo driver. 



        For someone who just witnessed a terrorist attack. He seems very emotionless. 


            Troy Sparks

        It’s called shock.



        You call it shock. I call it WEIRDO! 


            Troy Sparks

        We should talk to him. Find out what really happened.



        What really happened? You want to know what really happened? Let me tell you what really happened Troy. There are bad people all around us…and those bad people didn’t get enough hugs growing up…didn’t get laid enough…and NOW they are blowing shit up. That’s what happened. 


            Troy Sparks

        Who peed in your cereal today?







    Sapphire sits back, crosses her legs, and takes a sip from her coffee cup, unwavering eyes on Troy.



        I like you Troy. I like you a lot. In fact, I’d say you’re one of my best friends. But I would not hesitate to jam this cup down your throat. Then, as you’re gasping for air…and you will be gasping for air…I’m going to start kissing your neck…just to mind fuck you…just to make you wonder…DOES SHE LIKE ME ROMANTICALLY? DO I LIKE HER ROMANTICALLY? IS SHE REALLY GOING TO KILL ME? But I can’t kill you…I would never kill a biology study partner. 


            Troy Sparks

        I’ll make sure not to drop the class.


    Troy looks down at his cell phone on the table. Slight worry painting his countenance.


            Troy Sparks

        Shouldn’t Isaiah and Pricilla be here by now? They’re an hour late. 



        Call them.


    Troy dials Isaiah’s phone. It rings several times and goes to Isaiah’s voicemail. He dials Pricilla, no one answers. 


            Troy Sparks

        You don’t think…



        …that they forgot about the final?


            Troy Sparks

        …no, that they are at that hotel?



        They have such a stupid relationship. Let’s go find them and kick their ass. 


    They put their books away, strap on their backpacks and walk out the door.








    Fade In:


    Ext. Hotel – Day


    Troy and Sapphire walk along the side walk as the streets are drowned by sirens, flashing lights, fire trucks, ambulance, police officers, and the after math of the explosion. 





    END OF ACT 1


    ACT 2

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